Dr James has worked on everything from firmware to global financial systems, in big cities to Antarctic field stations. Along the way he has accumuated a wide variety of technical skills from developing instrumentation, programming from low-level firmware, common programming languages to high level global computing environments and enterprise systems. Working in mixed environments, often spanning quite a few different disciplines he has had to work with a variety of professional, technical and 'lay' staff, its a real challenge but always interesting. 

Management, Project and Strategic
As the lead on many technical teams for blue sky research, applied research, product development and the commercial environments. This includes small projects such as PhD's, technical teams, geographically diverse and interdisciplinary teams in the medical, sporting and financial environments. Formally trained in PM and Business Administration he has a have a mix and match approach of styles, driven by the needs of the project.

Technical Writing
As an active member of the research community he writes a lot with almost two hundred scientific articles, several patents as well as articles for the general press. Through the supervision of over 10 graduated PhD students (with more on the way) his tasks to lead, critically analyse and get the best from others writing as well.  A successful grant writer he has also obtained funding from varied sources including NCG's, sporting organisations, industry and government sources. he is a frequent reviewer on several Journals and a board member of the Journal of Sports Technology 

He has appeared on Radio and TV quite a few times, including news, interviews and scientific programs. Some time back he was awarded  a science media fellowship at the ABC head office in Sydney, and with gentle coaxing makes reasonable 'talent'. He speaks regularly at national and international conferences, more recently including a few invited and keynote talks.

Consulting and Review
With experience in small technology applications across several disciplines he has been engaged as a consultant, expert reviewer and advisor in many areas of technology use, for both government and private practice organisations and has several commercial product successes

Active in the sporting community he is a qualified NCAS level 2 coach, and has served on various national sporting bodies, in technical, admin and policy development roles. He maintains and interest in the exploration of modern science and traditional practice in traditional martial arts where he has been awarded senior dan grades in Aikido.